Getting started with git- 3 ( make a git project )

Go to the folder that you want to make a git project.I’m going to make my project in my desktop and my folder name is “repo”.

Now we should tell git about folder which to be working with.for that we have to go to that specific folder.In my case I have to go to the “repo” folder which is in desktop.

first we need to know Present working directory.for that type this command.


you will get this kind of result.


for list down the folders and files which are in working directory you can use “ls”.


you will get everything you have in the present working directory.
list files
lets move to the desktop folder by using cd command.

cd Desktop


Now you are in desktop move to the “repo” folder by using cd.

cd repo

check whether you are in right place again use “pwd”.


Now we have to initiate a git project in our “repo” folder.for that use this code.

git init

git init

Now git will keeping track of every thing I put into the “repo” folder.

That is all for today.Cheers 🙂


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