Getting started with git -1

What you do If you want to keep tracks of your developments or if you want to upgrade/update your codes but if you want previous unedited files? If you don’t know about git you will make separate files by making copies of unedited  file.such as : functions.php ,functions_edited.php, functions_edited_new.php

With git you can keeping track of your source codes ,git can help you with keep history of  source code.Actually you can use this for not only source codes with Word documents, Photoshop files ,Text files etc.Most of the time programmers use  this for managing their source codes.

How to Download

Step 1:

Go to this URL

Step 2:

Click the download button which is in the bottom right corner.

or you can visit and download git by clicking download button. (It will automatically identify your operating system)


You will get this kind of setup file double click and install it.


Step 3:

Keep every thing default and go through the wizard.  After the end of the setup open your start menu and search for “Git Bash”


Click on the Git Bash and start the application.You will get this Command Line Interface,Yes it is just like Command prompt but this is Unix style.

Git Bash

Now you are ready to start Git with Git Bash.

See you in next tutorial asap.This is all for today.Cheers. 🙂


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