Essential git commands for FOSS contributor

Have you ever tried to contribute to someones project on GitHub ? If you ever have done this you will know how hard it is to work Github , if it is your first time with git.

This is my experience of contributing to Open source Organization (FOSSASIA) on GitHub. And What I have learned from them.And this blog post contains commands to do most essential git operations.

Here I’m going to describe all the things I learned about git and GitHub from the sketch .

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Getting started with git- 3 ( make a git project )

Go to the folder that you want to make a git project.I’m going to make my project in my desktop and my folder name is “repo”.

Now we should tell git about folder which to be working with.for that we have to go to that specific folder.In my case I have to go to the “repo” folder which is in desktop. Continue reading “Getting started with git- 3 ( make a git project )”

Getting started with git- 2 ( configure an account )

Git gives ability of work in same repository for different users ( Software Engineer, Designers).for keeping track of work of every developer we need to identify them uniquely.For that we need to make separate account for each user.

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Getting started with git -1

What you do If you want to keep tracks of your developments or if you want to upgrade/update your codes but if you want previous unedited files? If you don’t know about git you will make separate files by making copies of unedited  file.such as : functions.php ,functions_edited.php, functions_edited_new.php

With git you can keeping track of your source codes ,git can help you with keep history of  source code.Actually you can use this for not only source codes with Word documents, Photoshop files ,Text files etc.Most of the time programmers use  this for managing their source codes.

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How to use Hyper-V

if you want to work on other operating system , what you are going to do?

you will install virtual box or VMware on your machine and you will install next operating system on the virtual environment.

Most of the windows  users don’t know about windows Hyper-V. It comes with windows 10,windows 8 and 8.1 .( This feature will not work if you have old hardware components).

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Welocme to iCode+

Welcome everyone for my new technical blog.I’m a blogger since 2010.I’m going to write about my experiences, Projects and Phone apps  in this Blog. In my next posts I will share something new regarding programming (because I’m a code lover 😀 ). I think sometimes my posts will helpful for new developers. Please drop a comment if you have any doubt on these topics.